Integrated Digital Asset Management Solutions

For power generation, transmission, distribution and power intensive industries.


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Forecazter is an advanced Digital Asset Management system designed to seamlessly integrate with ISO 55001 standards. This powerful tool enables users to make informed, fact-based decisions and provides real-time visibility into the status of equipment. Experience swift feedback from field activities, enhancing your ability to manage assets effectively and efficiently.

Dynamic Line Rating

Griddiagnoze represents in Sweden.
The Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) of a transmission or distribution line is the actual current carrying capacity based on direct measurements of the conductor’s thermal state and surrounding weather conditions. Typically, the DLR of a line is between 10 – 50% higher than its static rating 


Griddiagnoze offers comprehensive support for asset management, maintenance planning, reinvestment strategies, and new investment initiatives.

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Make life easier for Asset managers

Facilitate the work of asset managers with Griddiagnoze’s cutting-edge Integrated Digital Asset Management Solutions tailored for Power Generation, Power Transmission & Distribution, Manufacturing, and Power Intensive Industries.

Our Forecazter™ system streamlines data-driven decision-making, offering insights into asset status, facilitating Reliability Centered Maintenance, and optimizing investment strategies. From Investment Strategies to the condition monitoring of individual assets, our solutions align seamlessly with ISO 55001 standards.

As proud members of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), TC 123 “Management of network assets in power systems,” we bring expertise to WG TC123/WG2, “Case studies of managing assets,” and TC123/WG4, “Defining requirements for the management of network assets in power systems.”

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