For Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Power Intensive Industries.

Our Mission

Griddiagnoze´s mission is to provide digital asset management solutions to the power industry, supporting processes and decision -making related to maintenance planning, reinvestments and strategic investments. What drives us is to make asset management efficient and effective through simplified data collection, analyses and visualization, supporting data-driven decision making.

Our Contribution

Our solutions enable you to avoid costs caused by failures and unplanned outages, and to optimize maintenance and investment budgets.

Our Philosophy

We use the RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) concept based on accurate data collection and risk assessments, combined with an overall asset status analyses.

Our Solutions Enable

Data Collection



IoT Online Monitoring

Asset Diagnostics

Dissolved Gas Analyses

Condition Management of Assets

Analysis of Status

Probability of Failure

Maintenance Intervals and Needs

Maintenance Activities and Follow-up

Full Digital Asset Management

Sustained Performance

Cost and Risk Optimization

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

Capital Investment Optimization

Sustainability Planning

Solutions for various industries

Distribution System Operator

Transmission System Operator

Power Intensive Industries

Improve your  SAIDI & SAIFI, and understand the status of the assets while optimizing your maintenance budget.

Achieve continuous and full grid operation through fact-based management of assets.

Secure 100% uptime of your operation and proactive planning of maintenance stops.

Distribution System Operator

Keep your  SAIDI & SAIFI, and understand the status of the assets.

Transmission System Operator

Maintain your uptime by taking fact-based descisions

Power Intensive Industries

Maintaining 100% uptime on your assets and avoid stressfull planned maintenance outages.

We Support ISO 55001

Supporting ISO 55001

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We Support UN Global Goals

UN Global Goals

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Asset Management

Capital investment optimization and strategic planning

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Reliability Centered Maintenance

Sustained performance, cost & risk optimization

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