First Zupport AB, operating under the brand name of Griddiagnoze, main business is to assist the power industry to move from a time-based to a condition-based maintenance.

For decades the power industry have been operating in the same way with analogue tools making it difficult to improve efficiency. The lack of tools and new approaches to face future challenges is what Griddiagnoze main mission are.

Griddiagnoze combine analogue services with digital solutions, challenging the traditional power industry. Where we offer a unique SaaS, an Early Warning indicator solution to the power- and power intensive industries. The solution provides information rather than mere data so that  managers can take informed decisions regarding their assets.

Griddiagnoze Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) solution is a cloud-based, scalable Early Warning Indicator (EWI™) which purpose is to secure power availability by reliable asset condition assessment.

We engage ourselves in IEC TC 123 “Standardization of the management of assets in power systemsand have adapted our tool to ISO 55 001

Building a strong team with deep knowledge from many disciplinaries is something that is necessary to succeed in the future digital 4.0 industry.

Our solutions demand a combination of experienced experts within the power industry as well as knowledge from computing and process industry.

For this reason the combination we have created will deliver value to your organization.

What we are good at


Why US

Griddiagnoze are at the forefront in combining analogue diagnostics into digital solution. Making diagnostics understandable for power asset operators using digital solutions will always be our aspiration.

Why the cloud

As industrial 4.0 stipulate IOT solution. Connecting to the cloud enable IoT connectivity and makes it easier to add-on solutions in the future. Through the cloud organizations will also attain greater flexibility and scalability which will lower overall IT cost. Updates and support will be easier to manage as well as increased mobility.


RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) is a methodology which is based on long term maintenance planning. Using RCM in the power industry ensures that power assets continue to perform according to demand. A successful implementation of RCM in the power assets context will lower operating costs, increase uptime and lead to a greater understanding of the risk

Welcome to Grid diagnoze!

We tailormake our solution to fit your needs

Welcome to Griddiagnoze

Lets us help you prevent outages and increse uptime on your power assets. We could provide different application, to suit your need.


Expertise for your need

Site assessment

Using our expertise we can provide you with a very affordable snapshot of the condition of your substations. Reporting and data collection will then be done using our EWI™ making it very cost effective.

Asset management

As we believe, competence within asset management will reduce in the future. We can provide you with consultiancy/interim asset managment and secure your decision-making .

Spare parts

We could supply you with spare parts for your power assets and recommended spart parts. It is done through our EWI™ or via traditional ordering.

Early Warning Indicator (EWI™)

The EarlyWarning indicator (EWI™) is our cloud-based online Reliability centered maintenance tool for interpretation, analyses and recommendation your power assets. Our EWI™ is a scalable module based tool where our customer could choose one or several modules adapted for a specific need.


We perform different kind of diagnostics on power asseets. With us you could get your transformer oil analysed and sampled. Expert analysis and consultation with remining life calculation/estimation on transformers together with diagnostics on breakers, relays etc etc would give you in-depth condition status of your assets.

Online monitoring

Online monitoring for transformers and breakers have for a long time been costly and complex solutions. We provide a very simple and affordable solutions adapted for your asset wheather its is new or already in operation.

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