Griddiagnoze offers Integrated Digital Asset Management Solutions for
Power Generation, Power Transmission & Distribution, Manufacturing and
Power Intensive Industries.

Our Forecazter™ system enables data-driven decision-making

  • Understanding status of the assets
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Optimized investment strategies

Our solutions cover the full scope from overall Investment Strategies to condition monitoring of individual assets and we support ISO 55001.

We are members of the  IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), TC 123 “Management of network assets in power systems”, and we are appointed experts in WG TC123/WG2, “Case studies of managing assets” and TC123/WG4“Defining requirements for management of network assets in power systems”.

In collaboration with The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm,
we develop machine learning for predicting asset behavior

The team behind

Managing assets requires a broad set of skills. Our team reflects this, making it possible for us to offer a knowledge-based and comprehensive solution that is easy to implement and intuitive to use. From our service team to our development team, and even including our board, we have extensive industry know-how and experience, combined with computer system and programming competence.

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