Alleima uses Forecazter

Application modules: Inspection & Maintenance, Transformer Monitoring combined with Hydrogen Gas Monitoring

Alleima provide tools and tooling systems for mining and constructions sites and also advanced stainless steels  decided to use our RCM tool based on indata from inspections and sensors in order to be able to monitorin their fleet a more efficient way. 
“Using Griddiagnoze digital solution has streamlined our inspections routine and provided us with a better overview of the status of our assets. The automatized analysis has saved us a lot of time and have especially helped us during Covid-19 pandemic where the staff are limited”.
“Just recently we added Griddiagnoze monitoring package in order to analyze further the condition of our transformers. By doing this it provides us with a affordable early warning and safety net to our operation”.
Lars Skoglund, Manager FM Electrical Distribution at Alleima

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