"Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to precision – know exactly when and what actions to take."

The system generates a list of prioritized actions providing an overview of your asset status, which enables an optimized maintenance budget and maximum asset reliability

Our Solution from Data to Decision

Mobile app for data collection

On-line monitoring of assets (IoT)

Intelligent analyses

Intelligent analyses using big data enables Reliability Centered Maintenance (ISO 55001)


Fact-based management decisions regarding maintenance and investments

Our technology

Data collection

Data is collected from asset:
– Design data and manufacturer info (LCA).
– Reports from analysis and testing Monitoring:
Data from sensors collected remotely
On site activities:
– Visual inspections and maintenance

Data organization

The information is stored and organized in real time on a cloud database

AI analysis & Visualization

The data is analyzed with AI, to generate, plans and priorities based on asset condition –visualized in realtime on multiple devices

Fact-based decision making

The results provide guidance for decision-making regarding maintenance, repair and investment

Day-to-day life depends on infrastructure and its services.
Infrastructure is a precondition for long-term sustainable and thriving societies

However, today's infrastructure faces several challenges


Many infrastructure systems were built several decades ago and are now reaching the end of their useful lives.


Rapid population growth, urbanization and technological change are putting increased pressure on infrastructure systems. INCREASED D


Climate change is forcing us to rethink the way we power our cars, heat our homes, charge our appliances and power our industries. An energy transition towards renewable energy sources like solar, wind, hydro and geothermal is crucial.


More connected and interdependent infrastructure systems makes them more vulnerable in case of an incident. Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has brought new risks and an increased important of resilience.

These challenges require new smart

These challenges require new smart and sustainable innovationsto ensure that infrastructure continues to support economic growth, social progress, and sustainable development