It is with great pleasure we can announce the cooperation between Transorfilter and Griddiagnoze.

Transorfilter produce and sell robust equipment to the manufacturing and power industry all over the world. The company was founded 1975 have through the years created a very solid base of customers and partners over the world.

Griddiagnoze is a company operating in the power industry, developing, and selling a unique cloud based IIoT expert solution for asset management. Through our unique solution Griddiagnoze could integrate different kind of industrial equipment through various fields.

“Investing in Griddiagnoze makes every sense for us at Transorfilter” says Johan Svensson, Owner and Managing Director. Griddiagnoze have a very exiting concept when it comes to IIOT and Industrial 4.0, and we want to explore these opportunities together”.

“The cooperation makes sense in every aspect” says Eitan Frankental owner and CMO. “Transorfilter is a very stable partner with a solid base in the manufacturing and producing industry. Their customer is spread around the world with strategic partnership on selected markets, something we are very excited to explore more.” Their products have a large potential for IIOT integration which is something we look very forward to develop more, says Magnus Lindström owner and CTO.

The deal was completed by Transofilter, taking an active part as ownership in Griddiagnoze.

Griddiganoze, Eitan Frankental och Transorfilter, Johan Svensson

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