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We offer a unique Integrated Asset Management Solution, making it possible for you to collect and analyze data from individual assets or complete systems. By weighing probability and consequences of failure, Forecazter™ helps you set your priorities for maintenance and reinvestment.

Whether you are a Utility, Power Producer or Manufacturing Industry, you will be able to take fact-based decisions on how to manage your fleet of assets.

Field Service

Our field technicias has worked all their life in the power sector providing maintenance on 0 – 800 kV substations, ranging from transformers, breakers, disconnectors, tap changers, surge arrestors and bushings. Contact us for more information.

Dynamic Line Rating

Griddiagnoze is the channel partner to Ampacimon who supplies monitoring for Overhead Power Lines and Dynamic Line Rating. Read more on how Gridvizor can support your asset management when it comes to maintaining your powerlines

Dynamic line rating is another solution increasing power capacity in already existing power lines. The DLR provide online data which enables organizations to transfer more power through existing lines rathern than rely on incumbent calculations. Read more how we do it.


Disolved Gas Analyses

Together with diagnostic laboratories we perform different services such as dissolved gas analyses on transformers and different transformer diagnostics.

All data feed is fed into our Integrated Digital Asset Management Solution and visualized in the risk matrix.

Customers could then log into  Forecazter™ to receive a comprehensive analysis of its assets.

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