DGA and oil analyses


Our renowned oil laboratory perform DGA and Oil analysis on transformers and analyses of lubrications.

The analysis are recorded into our digital online solution with access to results both on web and directly into an mobile app. All data analysed can als be taken into account in our Atmoz™ solution.

Transformer condition assessment

Our laboratory also conducts different kinds of transformer and other power equipment assessments. Assessments like condition assessments and remaining life assessments are a few examples that could be made. These assessments provides a good base for future strategic asset management.

Substation health status

Substation health status, we deliver a report how the actual status are for the substation. We use digital tools like mobile application and we write the report remote. 

- You do the site job with our mobile app

- We write the report based on pictures and nameplates and your information.

Can be used as a start in our Atmoz™  solution.

Transformer fleet monitoring

If monitoring are being used on your electrical equipment we could connect any device. 

Using online monitoring is trully a step forward in using IoT for your business. The module could be used integrated or as stand alone.

All data from from our transformer fleet monitoring is used in our Atmoz™ solution and used with AI algorithms.

Atmoz™ online asset management solution

Using Griddiagnose Atmoz™ solution that combines all kinds of sources of information provide you with a unique picture of the status of your assets. Management could then take informed decision on how to optimize ownership of their fleet.

Spare parts and accessories

We can support with spare parts and Huaweis enterprice products