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On-site inspections

On-site Inspections: Carry out inspections directly from your mobile device, eliminating the need for additional equipment. The app’s intuitive design ensures a smooth on-site experience.

Offline Functionality: Griddiagnoze understands that inspections might not always occur in areas with a stable internet connection. The mobile app allows for offline functionality, ensuring users can work in any environment.

Instant Reporting: Generate instant reports directly from your mobile device. Share results with stakeholders or colleagues promptly, facilitating quick decision-making processes


We have the solution for you for transformers, breakers and compressors.

The Griddiagnoze user interface is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, allowing both experienced operators and novices to navigate with ease.

Dashboard Overview: Get a quick overview of the entire fleet with a centralized dashboard. Key performance indicators and alerts are presented intuitively for swift decision-making.

Digital asset management

Try out our complete solution for on-site activities and monitoring in one solution.

Full compatibility with different hardware

Prescriptive recommendations based on efficient data collection and analyzes


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