VB Elnät uses full Forecazter functionality

Västerbergslagens Elnät using our full fledge solution in order to understand maintenance activities and implement a risk based maintenance.

”Griddiagnoze Asset Management Solution has provided us with an excellent tool for transparency when using our contractors. Through our contractors use of Griddiagnoze we are now able to understand exactly what actions need to be taken to secure and safeguard our substations. Something we were struggling with before.
Through Griddiagnoze solution we have also been able to understand the impact of windpower in our grid and what it entails.
Griddiagnoze made a RCM field study using our breakers. It shows that we could save as much as minimum 18% on our annual maintenance budget, by just understand the risk and take actions accordingly.
Ulrik Törnqvist, Responsible Maintenance at Västerbergslagens Elnät

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